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Motivating Your Children to Read Early


For many children who love to move and play around, it can be challenging to get your toddler interested in reading or make them read in general.

Reading is crucial for academic success and achieving child vocabulary development and creativity. Moreover, there are many excellent long-term benefits for children who read for enjoyment in and out of the classroom.

So, how can you encourage your kids to read? If your child is reluctant to read, here are some things you can do to help them become enthusiastic readers:

  • Create a routine of reading every day.

    Children need frequent exposure to books to encourage reading as a habit, which may inspire them to keep reading in the following days. Our childcare program can help your kids to have reading time with other children and develop their vocabulary.

  • Set a good example by reading often.

    You can teach your kid the value of reading by showing him that you read things like maps, books, recipes, and directions. You can also encourage them to read by making interesting books available during their free time, or we can help them do that in our daycare in New York.

  • Allow them to pick out what they want to read.

    One of the best ways for a child to do well in school is to read for pleasure, but instilling that passion in them takes more than just handing them a book. Allowing them some say over what they read can do wonders for encouraging them to maintain reading as a lifelong habit.

We at Petits Poussins Dumbo help your children become proficient readers and aid their many developments with our educational programs. Enroll your kids right away in our preschool in Brooklyn, New York!

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