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How to Raise a Child Who Loves to Read


Most young children like listening to stories. It is advantageous because reading is crucial to a child’s growth, education, and future. Children are often told to read, but that doesn’t mean they will enjoy it.

Parents who encourage positive reading experiences cultivate books, reading, and learning.

As a daycare in New York, we are sharing these tips on how to raise your child so that they will love to read:

  • Discuss books
    When you read out loud to babies and young children, look at the pictures and talk about what you see. This strategy will encourage understanding and involvement. By talking about the stories, you may be able to bring them to life and improve your learning, critical thinking skills, enjoyment, and interest.
  • Regularly read
    Reading will become a habit if routine, consistency, and repetition are encouraged. Try to schedule time for reading throughout the day when you can. It should encompass children viewing or reading books by themselves or having a book read to them by an adult. Aim to read for 15 to 30 minutes each night before bed.
  • Set a good example
    Children will try to imitate what they see in adults. You must also demonstrate to them that reading books should be one of their hobbies by serving as a role model.

At our preschool in Brooklyn, New York, we appreciate what parents go through and understand that it takes a village to raise a child.

Our childcare program aims to support your child’s academic and social development. We also offer bilingual programs for children to enhance their cognitive skills even more.

Contact Petits Poussins Dumbo and tell us more about your child so we can determine which classroom and preschool program suits them best.

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