French-English Bilingual Daycare and Preschool Coming to Dumbo, Brooklyn!

Planning for Your Child’s Early Education


As a parent or guardian, you want the best for your kids, whether it’s their happiness, physical well-being, or development as an individual as they grow up.

The most valuable thing a parent can give their children is a chance at a successful life. The first step you need to do to achieve it is providing early childhood education to prepare them in today’s highly competitive world because education is now just as essential to survival as food, clothing, and shelter.

Enrolling your children in our preschool in Brooklyn, New York, for example, would give them a head start on their journey to becoming lifelong learners.

If you want to entrust your child to a school that values and encourages academic potential, the best choice would be our French-English bilingual daycare offering quality educational programs.

Our childcare program emphasizes early language development, including bilingualism, and incorporates sing-along and read-aloud for children of all ages. This way, we can provide a fun, interactive setting where they can expand their vocabularies.

Incorporating what they’ve learned in class into their regular lives and routines helps establish a second language our kids are excited to use for communication.

Moreover, it’s one approach to help your kid grow up with the resources and knowledge they need to become better people. At Petits Poussins Dumbo, we are committed to ensuring that every child reaches their academic potential because we believe in their ability to do so, given the proper support.

Call us now if you need a dependable daycare in New York, and we’ll help you give your kid a childhood they’ll never forget!

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