French-English Bilingual Daycare and Preschool Coming to Dumbo, Brooklyn!

Why Enroll Your Child in Preschool?


Your children deserve the chance to learn creatively and form lifelong friendships with kids their age. It’ll be their foundation as they grow and develop into their ideal self. Petits Poussins Dumbo, your Preschool in Brooklyn, New York, will provide a safe and excellent learning environment for your child.

Our daycare in New York is the perfect place to mold your children. We will help them discover their interests and satisfy their curiosity about essential things at a younger age. Our lively and responsible teachers will teach them exciting ideas that they can use to improve their technical and personal skills. The training might still be simple, but the impact will be significant. It can make a huge difference in their personality and academic performance.


Your toddler will be able to establish a persona that can help them survive particular situations. They can also build confidence, improve self-esteem, and learn to express themselves. Confidence in communicating will bring each one of them greater success in their future endeavors.


Our preschool program will help your child develop motor skills and object permanence. Having these basic skills will encourage them to join school events like plays and other stage performances where they can interact with others and learn from them.


You can be confident in our skills in molding kids who have something special in them. Entrust your child’s growth, learning, and development to us and expect quality education. Get in touch to learn more about our childcare program!

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