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Signs Your Child Is Ready to Start Preschool


Preschool is an important step in a child’s development as it provides early childhood education and care. Through this childcare program, children are equipped with the tools to develop a range of skills that will help them get ready for school. However, determining whether or not your child is ready to start preschool may be confusing.

Here, we discuss the signs your child is ready to start preschool in Brooklyn, New York:

  • The stamina to complete a school day.

    School days tend to be a bit longer than what children are used to. Before enrolling your child in a preschool program, make sure they have the stamina to complete the day or make it to a predetermined nap time .

  • The ability to concentrate on a task.

    Children who are enrolled in preschool are usually provided tasks that are generally between fifteen to twenty minutes long. If your child can concentrate on a task for a longer period, it may be a sign they are ready for school. This indicates they are capable of staying on task without getting distracted.

  • The ability to interact with other children.

    In preschool, children interact with each other during their activities. This enables them to learn how to share, ask politely, and take turns with other kids. The ability to do so is a good sign your child is ready to begin preschool.

Petits Poussins Dumbo is a daycare in New York offering an extensive and rigorous academic bilingual program. To promote healthy child development, we offer preschool for kids ages 2-5 years old. Browse our site or reach out to us to learn more about our curriculum and secure your child’s spot in our program.

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