French-English Bilingual Daycare and Preschool Coming to Dumbo, Brooklyn!

Learning a Second Language in Early Childhood


Any age is a good age to begin learning a new language, but young children significantly benefit from doing so.

When they are currently in a daycare in New York to socialize, count, and develop their skills, this may seem like much information to take in at once. However, the rewards of starting young with a second language make an effort worthwhile.

Bilingualism can boost your child’s ability to multitask, pay attention, solve problems, and creatively think because it encourages them to think beyond the box.

Moreover, if you want your children to have a solid sense of where they come from and learn more about other cultures, being bilingual in their childcare program may be an excellent way to start.

It’s an excellent skill to pass on to your offspring if the language spoken at home differs from the language studied in school.

Learning a new language like French is also crucial if your children plan to travel someday or like the idea of going outside the country. They’ll be able to start conversations with the locals, ask for directions without getting lost, and make more friends, making their travels a lot more enjoyable and relaxing.

Petits Poussins Dumbo is a French-English bilingual daycare that promotes bilingual learning, early language learning, growth of children’s physical skills, cognitive abilities, and imaginative capacities.

We design our curriculum to facilitate learning in a fun and nurturing environment for our students. If you like to learn more about our preschool in Brooklyn, New York, you can contact us on our hotline at 718-710-4403 or vanessa@vhggroupny.com.

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