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How to Foster Creativity in Early Childhood?


Fostering creativity in kids lays the foundation for innovative thinking and problem-solving skills later in their lives. At Petits Poussins Dumbo, we recognize the importance of nurturing this creativity from an early age. Here’s how to foster creativity in early childhood:

  • Encourage Curiosity

    At our preschool in Brooklyn, New York, we encourage young learners to ask questions and explore their environment. We also encourage parents to extend this practice at home by providing answers and facilitating discovery. This can spur innovative thinking in children.

  • Provide Diverse Experiences

    Exposing young children to various activities, from arts and crafts to science experiments, broadens their creative horizons. Aside from engaging kids at our daycare in New York, we also motivate parents to create rich experiences at home to stimulate their kids’ imaginations.

  • Embrace Unstructured Play

    We also understand and recognize that unstructured play is crucial in a childcare program. It gives our children the freedom to express themselves. It also lets them create without guidelines, fostering original thought.

  • Celebrate Creative Efforts

    Celebrating kids’ creative efforts is more important than the end product. Parents can encourage their children’s creativity by showing enthusiasm for their imaginative endeavors and, of course, investing in their early childhood education.

  • Introduce Multilingualism

    Our French-English bilingual daycare also introduces children to different cultures and languages, greatly enhancing cognitive flexibility and creativity in our young learners. For parents, they can introduce books, music, and movies in various languages for further development.

Here, we aim to provide an environment for young children where creativity is not just an activity but a way of learning and being. Explore our programs and see how we can be part of your child’s creative journey.

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