French-English Bilingual Daycare and Preschool Coming to Dumbo, Brooklyn!

Giving Your Child the Opportunity to Choose


While studying a second language might be beneficial, it is important to understand that pushing a child to study it is not always the ideal method. Each child is distinct, with their own set of interests, talents, and learning styles.

Each kid has a unique set of interests and passions. Forcing children to acquire a second language at a French-English bilingual preschool in which they are uninterested might lead to frustration and disengagement. It is far more important to encourage children to pursue topics and activities that stimulate their interest and passion. Allowing children to choose their areas of focus encourages them to develop their skills and capabilities.

Some may have a natural talent for languages and can quickly comprehend the intricacies, whereas others struggle. Forcing a child who is not ready or doesn’t want to learn a language may cause unneeded stress and harm their entire educational experience. Our preschool in Brooklyn, New York thoroughly evaluates your child’s skills and weaknesses and works with them to optimize their talents and reduce their weaknesses.

It is vital to provide a good and supportive learning environment to nurture a lifetime love of learning. Allowing children to choose their learning route encourages them to participate actively and enjoy the learning process.

To summarize, while learning a second language can be advantageous, it is critical to respect a child’s autonomy and give them the option of whether or not to pursue it.

At Petits Poussins Dumbo, students learn through several approaches, including storytelling, singing, and painting. We value all of our children’s “Multiple Intelligences” and work hard to offer them the best possible learning environment. Our childcare program is tailored to each child’s individual needs.

Talk to us to learn more about our daycare in New York.

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